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We have dedicated ourselves to the development of agriculture and agro processing and have evolved an integrated approach. We help the Indian farmers to produce more and better quality products.
Quality Excellence
Quality Excellence Our commitment to quality and R&D product innovation is deep rooted. GMP, QA, SPC, Strict sanitation, hygiene, HACCP food safety and ISO 9001:2000, Quality Management Systems are applied throughout the manufacturing.
Service Excellence
We have established sales and service network to service our customers throughout the world. Jain FarmFresh products are readily available from our regional sales centres and warehouses, strategically located in different parts of the world.

Make Quality a way of life

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India needs three revolutions: Evergreen revolution in Agriculture, Yellow revolution in Food Processing and Blue revolution in Water Management. Well, Jain Irrigation has inspired and speeded up transformation in each of these three critical areas impacting lives of millions of rural inhabitants. We complete the entire agricultural value chain from under one roof. We adapt and combine modern high technologies like Controlled Agriculture, BT crop and IT with rustic common sense and native wisdom. While doing that we have emerged as the leading and innovative processor of plastics, the diversified manufacturer exporter and the only integrated ‘One Stop Shop’ for hi-tech agriculture. If you are passionate about any of these fields, if you have the right experience in leading teams to excellence and if you wish to partake the path-breaking journey of this unique company, please study this


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