Project Unnati Mango

Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka

Jain Farm Fresh Foods Ltd. is the world’s largest processors of mangoes, processing of over 170,000 metric tons of mangoes per year. The major processing variety is Totapuri mango which accounts to about 100,000 metric tons. We procure about 35% of total Totapuri directly from farmers.

Jain Farm Fresh Foods Ltd. and Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd has launched Project ‘Unnati’, – a unique partnership with farmers to demonstrate and enable adoption of Ultra-High Density Plantation (UHDP) practice for mangoes.

UHDP is a farming practice that leads to mango orchards attaining their full potential in 3-4 years (versus 7 years) and also allows nearly 500 trees to be planted in an acre instead of the conventional method of planting 60 trees.

  • Almost 3 times increase in the income of farmers – INR 24,000/acre to INR 96,000 per acre
  • Mango farmers across the 3 southern states have shown lot of interest in adopting UHDP technology which increases mango yields from 4 tons per acre to 10 tons per acre
  • Around 1,500 acres and 600 farmers of UHDP plantation have been completed across 3 states
  • Till now around 35,000 mango farmers have been trained with the help of Unnati training bus