Our 10,000 strong committed associates are the strength of this company. We are totally committed towards helping them harness their energies and their strengths and move towards a brighter future. They are hard working people who love what they do. Retention is low because we work as a family and allow all members to fully contribute their ideas, support each other, and provide inspiration as a community. Being a family focused organization which has the footprints of generations behind us, even our associate strength goes back generations and we also have successive generations in a family working with us.

Similarly our larger family of farmers are our backbone and we want to empower them to reach their true potential and finally get their well deserved place in the community.

Our Associate & Community Outreach Initiatives

Star Associate of the Month Award – A Recognition and Reward Program

This award is designed not only to encourage each associate to give their best to their assigned profiles but to sustain it through the year. It also measures them on their interpersonal skills with their colleagues. This award is a great motivator to keep everyone inspired to excel. The best performer is selected from each department who gets points basis various factors relative to their department, that contributes during their performance appraisal.

Community Outreach Programs

We take our social responsibility very seriously and are totally committed in empowering our farmers. We have many training programs for the farmer partners to help them become more effective in their farming techniques.

Associate Training Program

We consider People Development as a critical component of a successful business venture. It reflects hugely on a company’s ability to build and nurture alliances. As an organization, we are invested towards this and realize that training our people is an important retention tool as well. Our endeavour is to inspire our associates to have the same beliefs, passion and goals so that together we make the difference we dream of.

Associate Health and Well-being Program

Our work ethics promote a work-life balance, encouraging associates to align with the company culture. For us, a satisfied associate is equally important as a satisfied customer. We provide annual health checkups and camps to our associates. We have special maternity plans for our woman associates. We have fully functional crèche in the factories so that the associates’ children are well taken care, which ensures a better productivity from our associates as they can work without worrying about their kids.

Our Happy Stories

Today with over 10,000 committed associates worldwide, we are making long strides towards reaching our vision of achieving a sustainable future for all. We are proud to present some gratyfying stories of our associates and farmer partners who are sharing their journey with Jain Farm Fresh Foods Ltd