Banana Plantation – Making Headway in the Food Processing Industry

Banana, the intensely satisfying and energising fruit, is commonly available across the globe. A powerhouse of nutrition, it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, potassium, magnesium and much more.  Banana has fantastic health benefits which make it a favourite fruit to include in the everyday diet.

As a result, there is always a high demand for the fruit. This ensures that banana plantations have been an integral part of many economies for centuries.

Banana plantations, being labour intensive, are an essential economic booster as they help in generating employment. Also, banana farming delivers a comparatively quick return on investment and provides consistent income throughout the year. Moreover, banana being a hardier crop recovers quickly from natural disasters which make its farming a profitable venture.


The Changing Face of Banana Plantations


Dedication towards consistently producing high-quality products without depleting natural resources is a crucial element of sustainable banana farming.

Banana cultivation is a very lucrative agricultural business in India. In today’s scenario, banana plantations are undergoing a significant shift and are becoming more technology and growth driven.

Newer techniques, like ‘Tissue Culture’ aid this move towards productive growth, by lowering the risks involved in banana cultivation. This is done while ensuring a higher production of the fruit.

The ‘Tissue Culture’ technique has been pioneered by Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (JISL) in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. It has paved the way to take banana plantation towards becoming an organised industry.

Adopting high-density planting (HDPT) and single crop cultivation method, JISL has helped its farmers double their production of banana.


The Evolving Food Processing Industry


With changing times, the consumer is looking at more innovative ways to consume banana while retaining its nutritional and health benefits. This has resulted in the production of a variety of processed banana products.

As a result, the food processing companies are reinventing the banana to address the demands of the new age conscious consumer. Processed banana products like banana puree, chips, powder and many more are being produced to simplify and enhance the lives of the consumer.

In fact, not just banana, the entire food industry is going through a flux, and the way we look at food is getting redefined. There is a shift in taste and preferences of the consumer who is looking for options that are not only healthy and nutritious but are also readily available and hassle-free.

The food processing industry is critical to India’s growth and development. The use of modern and technologically driven food processing techniques results in better quality and longer shelf life of the agricultural produce like banana. This also ensures an increase in revenue for the farmers.

Indian food processing industry is going through a facelift and is on the brink of a revolution. The cold storage facilities and the infrastructure are getting more high-tech. There is also increasing awareness among consumers about the processed products.

The industry is all set to explore new horizons and further boost the economy. To make it to the final lap, it needs the continued support of the government in implementing viable and progressive policies. Besides this, the food processing companies have to keep producing innovative and high-quality products for the consumer. All these factors will soon rank India among the front-runners on the world map.


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