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Agro industries across the globe are evolving rapidly. They are being lauded for their contributions to the modernisation of agriculture and for boosting the rate of growth of the world economy.

This has an even deeper implication for an agrarian economy like India, where over 58% of the population is dependent on agriculture for its subsistence.

The Indian agro industry accounts for around 32 per cent of the country’s total food market. It also ranks 5th in the world in production, consumption, export and expected growth.

Source: India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF)

From food shortage to sufficiency to now surplus, it has been quite a journey for India. Currently, the country is currently grappling with the challenge of food wastage, and fast attrition of natural resources.

In this scenario, the agro companies are a godsend as they play a valuable role in helping the farming sector.

Additionally, the strong industry linkages of agro industries play a critical role in creating and improving the demand for locally produced agro-products. While also adding value to them. 

The increased demand has led to the agriculture sector turning towards technology to improve its productivity.

According to the latest projections, the total food production in India is going to double in the next ten years.

It is vital that agro-industries use best practices to process food that meets global standards while also saving the planet. This has led to the following trends in the agro sector.

The growth, coupled with a highly demanding consumer, reiterates that the agro-industries should not just keep pace. They must also constantly innovate and add value.

Trends Defining the Agro Industries

Among the many trends taking over the industry, two stand out because of the far-reaching consequences they denote.

A responsible and progressive agro company not only moves with the time to embrace these trends but makes them a part of its core philosophy.


By far, the most critical trend in agro industry, and for that matter across industries, is sustainability.

Optimal use of energy, water and other natural resources, all integral to the food production cycle, is crucial for achieving environmental sustainability.

Today’s conscious consumers rally behind food companies that promote using natural resources optimally and lead by example. This, in turn, not only reduces the impact on the current environment but also ensures the viability of future operations.


The second trend is transparency. These days consumers are information-driven and do thorough research before making a purchase. Thanks to the cutting edge technology, they have access to all the latest happenings in the industry and the economy at large.

They want to know about the product they are buying – information beyond the regular stuff given on the label.

The consumers want to know all about the life cycle of the agro product – where and how was it grown?

Were best practices followed through the value chain? How was it passed along the supply chain? What quality checks were in place in getting the product to me?

Does the product have any allergens?  How was it packaged? Was sustainable packaging used? Is the company socially responsible?

Product traceability is a critical criterion in establishing transparency throughout the entire phase of processing. It goes a long way in building trust in the brand.

At Jain Farm Fresh Foods Ltd. (JFFFL), sustainability and transparency are at the helm of all our operations.

Our core philosophy is to create a sustainable future for all by using natural resources optimally.

We are passionate to give back to the environment and make it viable for future generations as well. Our projects are an endeavour at making this dream a reality.

For us, it is always ‘farmer first’, and we are committed to improving their socio-economic status.

Initiatives like contract farming, Jain GAP and Project UNNATI are some of the landmark steps in this direction.

Quality and excellence are a way of life at JFFFL. To honour that, we bring only pure and natural products to our consumers, using the best industry practices.

We use the latest technology while adhering to stringent quality standards at every step. From farming, sourcing, processing, packaging and delivery, every process goes through exhaustive checks.

All this ensures complete traceability of the product and control over the entire value chain.

The entire process is quality and transparency driven at every stage.

It is a new food world order out there. Transparency and sustainability are the two critical shifts that will signify a revolutionary change in the future gro industries and the world economies at large.

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