A Look at the Rising Popularity of Dehydrated Onions

Over the past few years, the demand in the market for dehydrated food products has increased. Dehydrated onions are among such food products.

Onions are a staple in most households because of the fundamental role they play in the preparation of most meals. They enhance the texture and taste of the dish. 

However, peeling and chopping onions is time-consuming, and today’s fast-paced lifestyle sees people hard pressed for time.

One wants to eat home cooked nutritious food but is looking for faster and smarter ways to cook.

A solution to this dilemma is dehydrated onions, a convenient alternative which does not compromise on health and taste.

There are three types of dehydrated onions: white, red and pink. Each variety is available in flaked, chopped, minced, granulated and powder form.

Here’s what makes Dehydrated Onions a great alternative

Lasts Longer

They have a longer shelf life and remain edible for a longer duration because they are processed using a unique method. 

Water is removed from the onions during the drying process. This process prevents micro-organisms in the vegetables from surviving and reproducing.

As a result, they are suitable for consumption over a longer period, provided the pack is properly sealed after opening, and stored at room temperature.

Takes Up Less Storage Space

Since water has been removed from these onions, they are smaller in size as compared to fresh onions and require less storage space. 

One spoon of dehydrated onions is equal to one regular sized onion, and a 200-gram pack is equivalent to 1.2 kg of onions.

Great Option for Outstation Trips

Since they are smaller in size, lightweight and have a longer shelf life; they are perfect for taking along on a trip and are an excellent option for adding flavour to any meal.

For example, if you’re backpacking in the hills and feel like eating noodles, you could use dehydrated onions and add that extra zing to the dish.

Adds to the Convenience of Cooking

They are the perfect complement to the fast-paced lifestyle of people.

As they don’t have to be chopped or peeled, therefore they quicken the cooking process, which, in turn,  encourages people to cook more at home.

Maintains the Nutritive Value and Taste of Fresh Onions

They retain the nutrients of fresh onions.

Furthermore, there is no difference in the taste either, which is a huge plus and makes them an ideal replacement.

The rise in popularity of such convenient and nutrition-rich food alternatives is evident in the growing market for dehydrated onions

According to Future Market Insights, the global market for dehydrated onions alone earned revenue worth US $ 950 million in the previous year. 

Furthermore, studies indicate this market will grow to US $1.5 billion in terms of revenue in the next decade.

In India alone, the export of onions in 2016 and 2017 was close to 65000 tonnes. This figure will increase in the future as demand spreads worldwide. The collective production of dehydrated onions In India was approximately 40 million tonnes for these two years.-Business Standard

Additionally, there are a few health benefits of fresh onions which dehydrated onions retain, such as:

1.  Presence of Clokinin, an insulin-like substance, helps to control blood sugar levels in the body.
2. The high levels of sulphur, iron and vitamins help in strengthening the nerves.
3. Penicillin and Sulfate help in healing diseases like TB, syphilis and gonorrhoea.
4.   They are gluten-free, just like fresh onions.

Constant upgradations in technology and innovations in processing and packaging are adding new dimensions to this segment. 

At Jain Farm Fresh Foods Limited (JFFFL), we recognised this need for a convenient yet healthy alternative.

As a result, we launched a range of dehydrated products, onions being one of the prominent products.

JFFFL has the second largest dehydrating facility in the world, with an installed capacity of 250,000 MT of onion and garlic per annum.

We are the second largest processors of dehydrated onions in the world. 

Here’s what we do to bring the best quality dehydrated onions to our consumers: 

  • We use only freshly harvested high-quality onions.
  • Most of the fresh produce comes via our contract farming initiative.
  • We provide disease-free planting material and latest techniques of farming to our contract farmers to help them grow high-quality fresh onions.
  • Agronomists appointed by us guide the farmers right from sowing to harvesting, ensuring zero pesticide residue in the produce.  
  • Our dehydrating facility is state-of-the-art and the dehydration process top-of-the-line, which ensures a high-quality end product.
  • JFFFL dehydrated onions contain no preservatives, flavours or artificial colours.
We source 90% of our onions through contract farming from smallholder farmers, with an average farm size of less than 2 hectares.

The consumers today are actively looking for convenient alternatives to everyday food. Therefore, companies are investing heavily in R&D to come up with viable options to keep up with this demand. 

Time-saving options that don’t compromise on health and nutrition is the way forward for companies like us who are looking to make a difference and impact a positive change in society.

Our products are available on major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Bigbasket.

They can also be purchased from our e-commerce portal http://www.jainfarmfresh.com/shop/


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