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Our journey began in 1887 when our forefathers left the deserts of Rajasthan, their home state, in search of water and food and reached Wakod, at the foothills of the famous Ajanta Caves. They started farming as a means of livelihood.

In 1963 selling kerosene in pushcart, the young law graduate, Bhavarlal Jain, founded the family business in trading. The family partnership started with a meager Rs. 7,000, accumulated savings of three generations, as capital. Soon, agencies for two wheelers, auto vehicles and automobile accessories were established in quick succession and gradually under the exemplary leadership and tireless work of its founder and associates, Jain Irrigation Systems today has established itself as the pioneers in Micro-irrigation systems and food-processing in the country while also emulating those standards in manufacturing PVC sheets and pipes, Solar Energy appliances and hosts of other products

Today with over 10,000 committed employee associates worldwide, we have established our Leadership in diverse products like Micro & Sprinkler Irrigation, Agricultural Inputs, Agro-Processed Products, Plastic Pipes & Sheets.




Leave this world better than you found it.



Establish leadership in whatever we do at home and abroad.

Quality Perspective


Make quality a way of life.

Quality Excellence

The quality perspective of our organization is ‘Make Quality a way of Life’ and we work towards Quality Excellence in every aspect of our operation.

All our products are tested for various Physio, Chemical and Microbiological parameters and focuses on new product and process development to meet the customer needs and expectations. We have implemented Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) in all the manufacturing plants. Our Onion and Vegetable Dehydration Plants are certified for ISO 22000:2005 and BRC (British Retail Consortium) by ISACert, The Netherlands. The Fruit processing plants are certified for ISO 22000:2005 by ISACert, The Netherland and are members of SGF (Sure-Global-Fair), Germany. Our plants are also certified for Environment Management System ISO 14001:2004 and Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007. The facilities are also Kosher and Halal certified.


The Agri-Food Divisions of the Company has grown over the years at a compounded annual growth rate of over 25% and throughout this period, we have always been driven by our mission of ‘Leave this world better than you found it’.

Sustainability has been ingrained in the philosophy of the Company’s business ethos since its inception. This is reflected in the functioning of the Company and the division be it products manufactured or the way they are manufactured.

We try not only to promote sustainability and conservation but to improve the same by helping farmers to adopt new technologies and agri-practices by providing disease free planting material such as Tissue Culture Plants, Training them in adopting good agricultural practices under JainGAP program, introducing new technologies such as ultra high density planting in case of Mango and ensuring fair return to them for their produce under the contract training program.

Our key focus is on sustainable energy use, producing consistent product quality and an innovative and committed work force.

Integrated Approach Evolved by Jains

JISL strives to improve the quality of life and livelihood of the local and rural community by promoting and supporting social, cultural, educational and health care activities.

All our manufacturing plants have incorporated a formal Environmental, Human Resource and Social Action plan, which ensures that the best and safe practices are followed. The holistic and virtuous sustaining agri-cycle is one of the key focus of Jain’s philosophy along with sustainable energy use, welfare of farmers and producing consistent product quality. The division works on the self sustaining model. The division is carbon neutral and has zero effluent discharge. All of the solid waste is converted in to energy and bio-fertilizer and about 30% of total energy consumed is from renewable sources.

In the tradition of the company, the division too strives for excellence and innovations and this has earned for the division 12 national awards and Golden Trophy for the highest exports of Processed Fruits and Vegetables in 2011.

Certification/ Accreditation

Our plants are regularly audited by our Overseas and Domestic customers. Our plants have also been audited by third party auditors for Social Responsibility and Supplier Guiding Principles. We are members of Sedex and our, self audit and third party Sedex audit reports are available to our customers. QMS has been applied from Farm to Fork by us. Our Agronomist work closely with growers and give them guidance on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Our own farms have been certified for Global GAP and are used for demonstration of GAP to our growers. We have implemented QMS and FSMS throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that products manufactured are Authentic, of consistent Quality and are Safe for customers. Our Food division is an ISO 22000:2005 Certified Division while our Jain R&D uses validated and published methods of analysis recommended internationally by AOAC, ADOGA, APHA, ASTM, NMKL, USFDA, BAM, ISO & IS.IFU, BIS. Jain R&D Labs are ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 (NABL Accreditation) and are the only and first laboratory to be NABL accredited in fields of Plant Virus Indexing and Biodiesel.

Cascade Specialties Inc., USA

Cascade Specialties is a USA based processor of premium quality dehydrated onion and other vegetables. Company is based in Oregon State of the USA, a large onion and garlic growing area.Cascade Specialties, Inc was set up in 1993 and it became part of Jain Group in 2007. Cascade’s greatest strength is its ability to grow naturally low micro dehydrated onions due to its location in high plane desert area in Columbia River basin in North-Eastern part of Oregon State. Cascade has a very reliable supply base in terms of its raw material, a state of the art facility with large driers, modern milling facility, a state of art cold storage facility, impressive logistics set up, experienced sales force and reputable customer base.Being part of Jain Group, Cascade benefits from parent company’s well experienced agriculture research and development base, excellent seed development program, technical know-how, strong management base and global sales and distribution network.

Sleaford Quality Foods Ltd, UK

Sleaford Quality Foods Limited, a UK based subsidiary of Jain Group is engaged in the business of food ingredients. Sleaford Quality Foods Limited, started in 1968 and it became part of Jain family in 2010.It is based in Sleaford town in Lincolnshire county in the East Midlands region of England, in the heart of agricultural and farming areas. Primary nature of company business is blending, repackaging, trading and distribution of food ingredients. Their products include Dehydrated vegetables, Dehydrated vegetable powders, dried soup mixes/ dried bullions, dried gravy mixes, dried fruit pie fillings, dried savoury mixes, dried herbs and spices, dehydrated fruits, rice products, canned vegetables , canned fruits in syrup or in natural juice etc. Sleaford Quality Foods sells most of the retail items under their brand name, Chef Williams. It is a very recognizable brand in small scale retail markets.